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Close-Grip Bench Press
  • These place intense stress on the inner pectorals, anterior-medial deltoids, and of coarse, triceps.
  • The narrower the grip on the bar, the more stress you place on the triceps and the less you place on pecs and delts.
  • Your grip should leave your index fingers 5-8 inches apart.
  • Have a training partner help you lift the weight off the rack so that your arms are above your chest.
  • Be sure that your upper arms travel nearly directly out to the sides.
  • While slowly bending your arms, lower the weight to your chest.
  • Without bouncing the bar, slowly push the weight back up to starting position.
  • This exercise can also be performed on incline or decline benches.
  • Try varying the width of your grip to see how it differently if works your pecs, delts, and triceps.

Triceps Parallel Bar Dips
  • This is generally considered a pectoral excersize, as it places intense stress on the pecs, anterior-deltoids and triceps, but when the torso maintained erect underneath the body, this is one of the best movements for the triceps.
  • Jump to a supported position on the bars with your palms facing inward, arms straight, legs bent, and ankles crossed.
  • Keep your torso perfectly erect throughout the movement.
  • Bending your arms, lower your body as far down between the bars as possible.
  • Without bouncing in the bottom position, slowly raise your body to the start position.
  • When you become strong enough to use extra weight, you can dangle a dumbbell or plates beneath you with a rope or belt.
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